Where To Begin?

This web site is a good place to start. It has been created to give you a thorough understanding of the risks and benefits of this procedure. Talking to your primary care physician, physician specialist or family physician is a good next step. Finding a local weight loss surgeon and support group is another good step. Chances are there is a bariatric or weight loss clinic in or near your community that specializes in weight loss surgery. Call them to see if they offer seminars or free information sessions for the public. You can also order a patient information kit about weight loss surgery by visiting our Free Information page. Remember, there is much misinformation about weight loss surgery that you may encounter from unqualified sources. Talking to others who have taken the path you are now considering may help you understand what you need to know to make a decision you can be comfortable with. In the end, your best source of information is an experienced bariatric surgeon who knows how to handle your special needs before, during and after weight loss surgery.